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Re: Debian as open project

On Thu, Dec 03 2009, Joey Hess wrote:

> Luk Claes wrote:
>> Unfortunately Debian does not seem to be able to also have real
>> constructive discussion about complex issues on the lists. So for these
>> issues we usually have real discussions on IRC, real life, phone or
>> private mail. The final result of these discussions is normally also on
>> the lists as proposals or announcements.
>> So I still think that Debian is an open project.
> If you dislike the mailing lists, use some other, open communications
> medium. However, communication via press-release to d-d-a does not an
> open project make.

        I agree with Joey here. The exhortations for people to stop
 discussing our problems in the open, and  instead replacing the open
 medium of conversation with deals struck in smokey backrooms amongst
 the powerful few who matter probably do more harm than the flames.

        Ideally, one would not need either, but the maturity level of
 the people in the discussion often leaves much to be desired. Despite
 that, hiding our problems in smoky backrooms is contrary to our
 charter, no?

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