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Re: transitioning from a single to split package

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 12:25:51PM +0100, Penny Leach wrote:
> The problem we've come across is how to handle migrations.  If we have a
> moodle package, that depends on moodle-mysql | moodle-pgsql, then package
> managers that just install the first dependency, could cause a situation,
> for example, where someone has configured their moodle installation to work
> on postgres, but the upgrade installs moodle-mysql, which is obviously a
> problem.   We could detect this case in preinst, and complain bitterly and
> refuse to install, but that's going to break upgrades, so is obviously a
> no-goer.

Hi Penny,

I'm slightly confused about the need to depend. Are the
moodle-mysql/pgsql packages providing the support for the database
schemes in moodle, or utilising the dependency structure to pull in the
databases themselves (or both)?

I'm thinking specifically of the case when the database is on a remote
host, so the relevant db-connection libraries should be depended on, but
not the database itself.

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