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transitioning from a single to split package

[ please cc both me and the package team ]

Hi debian-devel

The Moodle package team is currently evaluating how to best upgrade the
existing not very well working, and out of date package.

Moodle is a webapp that works with both mysql and postgres. We currently
have a single package that supports both (badly) and we're talking about
migrating to a split package, using dbconfig-common.

The problem we've come across is how to handle migrations.  If we have a
moodle package, that depends on moodle-mysql | moodle-pgsql, then package
managers that just install the first dependency, could cause a situation,
for example, where someone has configured their moodle installation to work
on postgres, but the upgrade installs moodle-mysql, which is obviously a
problem.   We could detect this case in preinst, and complain bitterly and
refuse to install, but that's going to break upgrades, so is obviously a

I think the best way to handle this, is stop having a moodle package at
all, but instead have a moodle-common package, that depends on either
moodle-mysql and moodle-pgsql.  These two obviously depend on
moodle-common, and conflict with each other, and all three new packages
conflict with the old "moodle" package.

This, I believe avoids the migration problem, and forces a manual
installation.  If we ship with a NEWS.Debian (inside moodle-common, I
guess), which announces that one must manually install moodle-mysql or
moodle-pgsql, is this a good enough way to migrate from a single to a split
package without breaking the upgrade?


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