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Re: Is it time to remove sun-java6?

On 11.10.2009 11:03, Florian Weimer wrote:
* Bernd Eckenfels:

In article<[🔎] 87d44vrp09.fsf@mid.deneb.enyo.de>  you wrote:
Not necessarily.  It could also be a genuine compatibility issue with
the IcedTea plug-in.

We regularly see Bugs different from the ones on the Sun distribution. And as
a commercial software vendor we just dont support OpenJDK for that reason
(with a normal support contract).

Apart from font issues, we've received very few bug reports on
OpenJDK.  I know of one C2 bug in stable which I probably should
report, but there is no isolated changeset we could backport, so it's
only fixable by moving stable to a newer IcedTea release. 8-(

Then let's talk about how to get a current openjdk-6 build accepted for stable-updates. There are hardly new features except for the plugin (which you even could consider as bug fixes compared to the sun plugin).

Since other software vendors try to reduce the number of supported
platforms as well, this is a strong reason for still providing a
debian package for commercial JRE.

Well, that's their decision, but it also means that OpenJDK is doomed
to fail.

No, try to educate software vendors to test against a spec, not a product. If TCK compliance is an issue, find somebody who does or who does sponsor the certification.

Most hard OpenJDK bugs (those affecting Hotspot or core libraries) are
also present in Sun's proprietary releases, but Sun periodically
bundles fixes for them with critical security updates, so they tend to
vanish after a while.

and unfortunately this upgrade process is not yet very transparent... it's an issue shared across linux distributors.


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