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Re: Is it time to remove sun-java6?

* Rasmus Bøg Hansen:

> As much as I'd like to drop sun-java6, I depend on it for my
> homebanking. At startup it prints "Checking java version" and later on
> it comes with a login box with sun-java6 - with icedtea6-plugin it
> just comes with a blank screen.
> It is the bank's fault, of course, in my opinion.

Not necessarily.  It could also be a genuine compatibility issue with
the IcedTea plug-in.

If the code really looks for specific magic strings in system
properties, we could tweak the JDK to support this.  (Logitech's mouse
driver for DOS included a "Copyright Microsoft" string because some
DOS software used that string for detecting mouse support. 8-/)

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