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Re: Of the use of native packages for programs not specific to Debian.

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         And that, I think, may serve as a guiding criteria for whether
>  one should make a package native or not. With my native packages
>  (kernel-package, ucf, and devotee), I do not _have_ an upstrem process,
>  nor an upstream "distribution" or tarball; and thus there is no
>  difference in process for a packaging change or a feature addition --
>  which makes it clear to me that these are native packages.

Whenever you guys bring the argument of convenience to make a package native, I
imagine that RedHat, Novell and company did the same with half of GNOME
packages, and I had to look at Fedora and SuSE's pages checking for updates,
report bugs in their bugzillas, look if a new upstream version only changed the
spec file or also the code, and I want to cry myself to sleep.


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