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Re: zendframework package with or without bin package

Jeremiah Foster wrote:

> On Sep 23, 2009, at 1:22, Raphael Geissert wrote:
>> Frank Habermann wrote:
>>> I also want to rename the package to libphp-zendframework.
>> biased answer: ugh, why?
>> That reminds me some of the libfoo-bar-moo-invent-something-else-here
>> packages we have in the archive.
> One possible answer to "why?" is that libfoo-bar-baz allows users easy
> access to a debian package that directly corresponds to the upstream
> software.

Yes, but the Zend Framework is "the" Zend Framework. Zend being the company
behind its development and behind the engine used in PHP it is somewhat
explicit and obvious.
The risk for a namespace collision in this case is minimal (if not zero),
and prefixing it with libphp- just makes the name uselessly longer. Not to
mention that it is a framework, not just a library.

Btw, some stats:
8089 packages with 0 dashes
10243 packages with 1 dashes
6068 packages with 2 dashes
1547 packages with 3 dashes
230 packages with 4 dashes
48 packages with 5 dashes
14 packages with 6 dashes
1 packages with 7 dashes


Raphael Geissert

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