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Re: zendframework package with or without bin package

On Sep 23, 2009, at 1:22, Raphael Geissert wrote:

Frank Habermann wrote:

I also want to rename the package to libphp-zendframework.

biased answer: ugh, why?
That reminds me some of the libfoo-bar-moo-invent-something-else-here
packages we have in the archive.

One possible answer to "why?" is that libfoo-bar-baz allows users easy access to a debian package that directly corresponds to the upstream software.

In the case of a perl package on CPAN it would be called Test::File. In debian it would be called libtest-file-perl since the perl module is a library, renamed test-file in accordance with debian policy and - perl added to denote which programming language the package is written in. This allows one to have libtest-file, libtest-file-ruby, etc, without too many namespace collisions. Since a vast majority of debian perl packages are named this way, users know what to look for on a debian system simply by the upstream name.


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