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Re: Explicitely Cc bug reporters

On Thu, Sep 10, 2009 at 04:05:19PM +0100, Colin Tuckley wrote:
> Quoting Mark Brown <broonie@sirena.org.uk>:
> >What would be really useful here is the ability to set up the BTS to
> >subscribe you to bugs you've filed by default.  That avoids the issue
> >with confusing less technical users.
> That is exactly what I was going to suggest - with the addition that
> the message you get sent after submitting the bug included the fact
> that you had been subscribed and a link to click to unsubscribe
> easily.

The problem with that is that people that work on bugs don't have a
consistent idea of who will get copies of emails.  It makes it all

I don't find the existing behavior confusing, especially since there
is nnnn-submitter@

I would be fine with a change too, so that reporters are always CCd

I would NOT appreciate a system in which they sometimes are and
sometimes aren't.

-- John

> Colin
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