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Re: udev and /usr

Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> writes:

> [Bastian Blank]
>> Why do you not extend the current setup to do another step?
>> Currently we have two
>> - in the initramfs with only minimal information and
>> - during the rcS run with / available.
> Eh, currently we have 5 sections during the boot:
>  - initramfs with minimal set of files available.
>  - rcS with only / available read-only (before checkroot.sh)

Migth never happen. And since you can't rely on it ever happening you
can just as well assume it never happens. Just ignore if / becomes

>  - rcS with / read-write, /var/ and /usr/ might be missing (after checkroot.sh)
>  - rcS with / and /var/ read-write (after mountall.sh)
>  - rcS with /, /var/ and /usr/ read-write (after mountnfs.sh)

/usr might also never be read-write. But it might be missing at first.

I don't realy see that there is an explicit stage where we have /var
but not /usr. There is a stage where local filesystems are mounted and
one where networking filesystems get mounted. But both /var and /usr
could be local or networked.

> Everything running during boot need to know which section it is
> running it, and avoid using tools and files only guaranteed to be
> available in later sections.  In addition, there is an optional
> section split when udev is installed after / is read-only and before
> it is read-write, which is before and after devices in /dev/ are
> available.
> In runlevels 2-5 local and NFS file systems are available, so scripts
> running from there can be a less carefyl
> Happy hacking,
> -- 
> Petter Reinholdtsen

Just splitting into initramfs, only / read-only and everything seems


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