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udev and /usr

On May 31, md wrote:

> The issue was raised by the udev upstream maintainer along with the udev
> package maintainers of the major distributions, who all agreed that this
> configuration is not supported.
FYI, udev 146 ships usb-id and pci-id programs which read
/usr/share/misc/usb.ids and /usr/share/misc/pci.ids .
udev itself does not care about the results of these programs but other
programs which used to use HAL may do, leading to subtle breakage.

There are no obvious workarounds and I have no plan to fight against
this, if you need it to work on systems with a standalone /usr then
feel free to persuade the relevant maintainers to move the files.

I also opened #544503 because supporting a standalone /var looks like
a worthwhile effort, while supporting updating usb.ids with a script
instead of apt looks like a complete idiocy.


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