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Re: udev and /usr

Bjørn Mork wrote:

Personally I really can't see why these addons (usb-db,pci-db) are so
important.  Nobody has demonstrated a usecase for them.  Yet you make it
sound like there is no choice at all, but to include them in udev.

Seconded. The Debian 5 system I just built (2.6.29 kernel from backports) has the files mentioned under /usr/share linked to /var/lib as described; /, /usr and /var/lib are all separate filesystems and it boots just dandy. Is there anything in these files that's actually needed before we get to the point where /usr can be assumed to have mounted, barring major errors? If so, what?

Personally it'd be a nuisance if I can't put /usr onto a separate partition, and a major headache if I can't split /var off - there're spools and databases and all sorts of things in there where if something runs away I'd rather it ran just that filesystem out of space rather than killing the whole server. But, I'm looking at servers where all that's required are discs and network. Could it be any additional ids required are for more "exotic" hardware unlikely to be encountered in such a scenario? If it were the case that for some "exotics" you have to have bits of /usr and /var on the same partition as / I guess that would be liveable.

Just a thought.

Chris Jackson
Shadowcat Systems Ltd.

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