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Re: Of the use of native packages for programs not specific to Debian.

Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> writes:

> I feel I should point out that my initial mail in this subthread was a
> reaction to a one-line statement that 'switching upstreams does not
> make a package native.' That I objected to, because of the lack of
> context, and the inherent feeling that, to me, seemed to be part of
> this message that this package had no business whatsoever of being a
> native package.

I didn't read that comment that way. Rather I read that switching
upstream developer *by itself* is insufficient reason to make a package
native. (I agree with that position.)

You don't seem to have argued against that. Rather, you've presented the
position that there are particular reasons that are sufficient for a
package to be native. That's compatible with a position that switching
upstreams is not one of those reasons, so I don't see what you object

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