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Re: Situation of long threads in -devel

Le vendredi 14 août 2009 à 01:16 -0700, Russ Allbery a écrit :
> Joss going from "what's the point in Standards-Version?" to filing a
> Lintian bug asking for configuration capabilities to make it easier to
> ignore the tag in the course of what felt like less than a day (this is
> subjective -- I may well be *way* off) really hammered my mood more than
> it probably should have.  As both a Policy delegate and a Lintian
> maintainer, I felt like it was direct criticism both coming and going, in
> a fast-escalating argument that I didn't really have the energy to expend
> on.

Maybe you shouldn’t take that personally? How about treating the lintian
bug for what it is? A feature request, nothing more, nothing less.

Given the strong opposition from people who are explaining that they
would do a better job at maintaining my packages (but without
volunteering for it, of course), I have abandoned the idea of
deprecating S-V, so I’m looking for other solutions. A small change in
lintian – that would benefit lots of other situations as well – doesn’t
look so bad, compared to having Manoj’s logorrhea land again on the

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