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Re: Situation of long threads in -devel (was: Re: An apology to the mailing list and Charles Plessey)

On Fri, 14 Aug 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Actually, these threads would indeed benefit a lot from a general
> summary by the thread initiator. My current short view of them:
> - situation of new source packages format: I haven't followed that
>   one very much. It seems extinct as of now. Could lead to a summary
>   (or I may have missed it).

The last summary is here:

The whole sub-thread that recently sparkled discussions is about support
of context format patches and resulted in a wishlist/minor bug against
dpkg-dev. Some initial misunderstandings about the kind of format that
Charles was requesting us to support lead to heated discussions about
what's the best standard for patches nowadays.

The consensus also seems to be that adding support for zip archives is not
worth it.

Time to move on for this sub-thread, nothing interesting to discuss any
more. This thread doesn't change anything for the project of deploying
new source package formats and we're basically still waiting on ftpmasters
to act and deploy my branch.

Raphaël Hertzog

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