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Situation of long threads in -devel (was: Re: An apology to the mailing list and Charles Plessey)

I take this message from Manoj as an opportunity:

> Hi,
>         Inadvertently, a draft copy of an email written in anger, and
>  not meant to be actually sent, was sent to the mailing list,  instead
>  of a more reasoned response.
>         For that I apologize. You may see from the second response what
>  I meant to be public response, and the first email was meant to be a
>  release of my temper and angst; and certainly not fit fodder for a
>  public mailing list.

Ack. Thanks for this, Manoj.

I think that, in the very long threads that are currently
cluttering up -devel, we would benefit from most participants to cool
down and consider moving from the extreme positions I've seen when
overreading the threads.

Actually, these threads would indeed benefit a lot from a general
summary by the thread initiator. My current short view of them:

- situation of new source packages format: I haven't followed that
  one very much. It seems extinct as of now. Could lead to a summary
  (or I may have missed it).

- ddebs: the situation seems fairly balanced between people who
  feel the need for a separate namespace by extension and those who
  think this is not necessary. The general need for automatically
  built debug pacakages does not seem to be questioned strongly
  (but I may have missed something: I certainly haven't read all
  thread branches, particularly when people were called names..:-))

- Standards field: I feel like there is a quite wide opposition
  to the initial proposal to deprecate the field. The debate
  quickly slipped into a debate between people who give
  a big importance to that field and do careful checks on their
  package for conformance (en?)....and people, particularly from teams
  with a high package load, who think this is not sustainable.
  I'm not sure we can make much more progress here. That ends up
  in useless thread branches where it is suggested that very
  valuable developers are doing a bad job which is certainly 


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