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Re: "Debian is switching to EGLIBC"

Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Frankly there is far less difference between GLIBC 2.9 and EGLIBC 2.9
> than between GLIBC 2.9 and GLIBC 2.10.
> I could also have just taken the EGLIBC patches and put them in
> debian/patches, no one would have noticed.

I'm sure your decision will either,
  1. work perfectly and make your jobs much easier, or
  2. create a massive blob of RC bugs tomorrow.

Since you guys knows what you are doing, #1 is by far more likely. In
either case, I'll be installing the friendlier-upstream version tonight.

I wish you luck with the new upstream. Let's hope the change will
finally fix some of the old, old problems with glibc.

- Adam

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