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Debian has switched to FusionForge (was: "Debian is switching to EGLIBC")

Jon Dowland, 2009-05-07 11:51:43 +0100 :

> I disagree, this would still warrant a post. Even if the impact is
> insignificant, that is worth saying - "we're doing this, and there's
> no reason to worry."

I'll bite.

  The "gforge" package in Debian has been switched from GForge to
FusionForge, which is the new name for the free (GPL) codebase.  It's
not exactly a fork since all the people who worked on that free codebase
are now working on FusionForge, and there hasn't been *any* activity on
the gforge.org SVN since we went away.  There's no reason to worry, it's
going to be a normal upgrade, and we've done these upgrades for years
(including the database schema upgrading).  We'll transition to packages
named "fusionforge" in the near future, much as we transitioned from
"sourceforge" to "gforge" way back then (for pretty much the same
reason, even -- to go away from a name that becomes associated to
proprietary software).

  Okay, so this is not glibc (which is about a thousand times more
popular according to popcon), but it had to be said, I guess :-)

Roland Mas

If you spit in the air, it lands in your face.
  -- Tevye, in Fiddler on the roof

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