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Re: ignoring the CoC in regards to cc:s (Re: Can we ship sources of a PDF file in the Debian diff? (was: Re: phyml_20081203-1_powerpc.changes REJECTED)

On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 01:39:15PM +0100, Noah Slater wrote:
>   * The Debian lists do not have a Reply-To header, meaning that by default my
>     email client wants to send replies to individual posters. To get the mailing
>     list included in the reply means that I have to reply to all. It's a very
>     easy mistake to make, not to remember to manually shuffle these addresses
>     around each time I want to send a follow up. Don't make me think!

I don't mean to continue the argument, but I see that you are using
Mutt. If that is the case, I am certain that it would not take you too
much effort to use list-reply (`L', by default). I ask you to do this
not because you don't follow list protocol, but you make it difficult
for others as to follow it; for example, by default, when I chose to
reply, this mail went to the list and was CC'ed to Holger, because of
the strange way the headers came from your mail!

Do you use the "lists" and "subscribe" keywords for this list in your


Kumar Appaiah

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