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Re: Yes, we have bugs

2009/4/15 David Nusinow <david@gravitypulls.net>:

> This is absurd. You agree that Hal fills an important need, yet you don't
> like it because it's currently buggy? What the hell are you doing running

I wrote that **an** abstraction layer is the way to go.
I deem hal flawed by design, sorry about that, all my skills (not that
impressive indeed) and will wouldn't help a scrap.

> unstable if not helping to develop the operating system? If there's bugs
> then we need to find them and fix them.

I don't think the lack of bug reports is the one problem affecting hal.
That said, I report bugs when I find them and they're not already in the BTS.
I send patches when I like the software enough, and I'm good enough
(neither of these is the case with hal).

> and they need to be written. But by saying you don't want us to fulfill a
> major need in the OS is basically saying that you don't want Debian to
> develop any more. If that's the way you feel, then I don't think you should
> be running unstable and posting to debian-devel.

I think I (and the other people who are against X dependency on hal)
have been pretty clear on the fact that we would just like an
alternative, not to kick hal away (we're not stupid nor crazy). I
think this would be good for debian.
I see you want to drag this in a flame, so I step back, I can live
with equivs as long as possible instead of wasting my time writing
So long,


Check your line wrap.

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