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Yes, we have bugs

Le mercredi 15 avril 2009 à 18:25 +0200, Luca Niccoli a écrit :
> Is there a convenient way to measure how long a bug stays unanswered?
> Or could someone suggest a better metric?
> Because I have the feeling that many hal bugs are just kept undealt
> (upstream as well), way more than with other packages, but it could be
> just a feeling of course.

Or maybe it is just that the Utopia maintainers, just like those of
Linux, KDE, GNOME, Mozilla or X.org, receive too many bug reports
compared to the amount they can handle. Bugs assigned to HAL are often
caused by buggy drivers or other kernel bugs, or they need workarounds
specific to the hardware. They are clearly not the easiest to deal with.

We know there are a lot of unhandled reports. This is just a symptom of
our global lack of maintainers - that is, of maintainers willing to deal
with large packages, not only with their pet applet of 1kloc.

> I do think hal is an obscure, user unfriendly, hardly configurable system.
> I see it is where a part of the community is heading, so we'll have to
> live with that, until something better pops up; but users shouldn't be
> forced to use it, when it isn't necessary.

HAL is flawed for various reasons, and people have started to write a
much lighter replacement (devicekit). Nevertheless, it still does the
job correctly, and I’m happy that the last piece of the desktop that did
not correctly support hotplugging now does.

> I don't want my X server to wai 30 seconds to start, because it has to
> wait for hal, when the rest of the system is ready in less then 10
> seconds.

You must be joking. HAL is much faster to start than X, furthermore it
allows for asynchronous device detection, which means both can be
started in parallel. 

> I feel xorg.conf it's a neat way to configure it, because I can do it
> with a text editor, and I don't have all those XML tags in the way.

I agree the HAL FDI files’ syntax sucks, but they allow to directly ship
in packages a number of configuration snippets relevant to specific
hardware – this is how we can really improve out-of-the-box hardware

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