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Re: Yes, we have bugs

Luca Niccoli wrote:
2009/4/15 David Nusinow <david@gravitypulls.net>:

Please see the reply I just posted to the bug for a partial explanation of
why using hal is important for more than just hotplugging. I'll be writing
up a more complete explanation soon.

I understand that hal fills an important gap in linux; I think that
from an architectural point of view, an abstraction layer is the way
to go.
The problem is that, in my experience, hal is a horrible piece of
software. It makes my (computing) life worse. Its obscure, erratic
behaviour and the lack of documentation make me feel like when I was
using windows 98. (ok, not *that* bad, but kind of)
I am willing to pay the price to avoid it as long as possible
(hopefully it will get better, or replaced, in the future), and since
it looks like it's possible ATM, I would really be happy if X did not
depend on that.

This is absurd. You agree that Hal fills an important need, yet you don't like it because it's currently buggy? What the hell are you doing running unstable if not helping to develop the operating system? If there's bugs then we need to find and fix them. If there's a lack of docs, that's a bug and they need to be written. But by saying you don't want us to fulfill a major need in the OS is basically saying that you don't want Debian to develop any more. If that's the way you feel, then I don't think you should be running unstable and posting to debian-devel.

- David Nusinow

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