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Re: Why do we have to support tmpfs for /var/run (policy changes in 3.8.1)

Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> Petter Reinholdtsen dijo [Sat, Apr 04, 2009 at 06:42:29AM +0200]:
>> Not quite sure what the question is.  As far as I know, Debian
>> supported tmpfs mounted /var/run when I become co-maintainer of
>> sysvinit, and I have tried to keep it this way.  The only recent
>> changes it that it has become easier to enable it.  Very good to
>> notice that this now is documented in the policy.
>> If you wonder what the advantages of tmpfs in /var/run is, I know of
>> several, but do not really have time to track down them all.  One of
>> them I care specially about is the fact that it allow a computer to
>> boot with a read-only local file system (think diskless workstations
>> and thin clients booting LTSP, machines with flash disks and files
>> with problems with their file systems), and I believe this is a clear
>> advantage.  Having tmpfs there also make it more obvious that the
>> content of /var/run/ will be erased at boot.
> It does achieve not having bogus information on. If your system
> crashed, some crappy daemons will refuse to start if
> /var/run/crappyserver.pid exists, or will try to communicate with
> their peers using /var/run/sloppydaemon.socket, possibly failing
> cleanly, but possibly leading to head-scratching

/etc/init.d/mountall-bootclean.sh will take care of cleaning up /var/tmp.

If not, it would be a bug in mountall-bootclean.sh.

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