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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

* William Pitcock <nenolod@dereferenced.org> [2009-04-06 17:48]:

> chainloader will work with lilo, but lilo is only kept around for the
> people who are crazy and booting off LVMs as it is.
> Booting off LVMs is supported directly by grub2 and ext2linux could
> probably be modified to support it in a much better way than lilo does
> it, so this is not really a compelling argument for keeping it.

Actually lilo is installed by lenny d-i if you use root-sw-raid with
LVM, even if your /boot is an differen partition/sw-raid. Therefore lilo
should at least remain for sqeeze to ensure a proper upgrade path.

Furthermore I still have 2 machines that refuse to boot with either grub
or grub2 but work fine with lilo.

And finally your continous insulting of users is not beneficial to the
discussion so please refrain from calling others "crazy" or "stupid".


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