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Re: Improvements to ‘debian/watch’ for fetching from VCS (was: This topic died off; any resolution?)

Ben Finney wrote:
> Raphael Geissert <atomo64+debian@gmail.com> writes:
> > I planned to add support for svn in version 4 watch files (it would
> > be a matter of svn info svn://domain.tld/path/to/repo and some data
> > massaging).
> >
> > But well, now that everyone is talking about it why not just tell
> > what is missing so that it can be addressed in version 4 watch
> > files?

I would like to propose a complete rethinking of the watch files.
We have several packages, which must be prepared from a VCS or
must be repckaged. ATM several people changed to use something like

$url $pattern debian /bin/sh get-orig-source-script

One can't use

$url $pattern debian /usr/bin/make debian/rules get-orig-source

because make will error out because of the unknown switch

The next propblem is, that such a script doesn't have the same purpose
as uupdate has, as the first is used to create a new tarball and the
second to apply an existing diff to the new tarball.

So I was thinking about, how this could be solved. One idea, that came
to my mind is: Why not source debian/watch by uscan? One could then
write a watch file like this:

- first declare $url $pattern and maybe debian/uupdate like in the old
  watch file versions (probably this requires a new syntax, if
  debian/watch is sourced by the uscan script)

- then declare a function

sub prepare_orig_tarball ($$$$) {
  ... the arguments should be upstream-version, debian-version,
      downloaded tarball name, orig-tarball name and ??? ...
  ... then add the commands to prepare/repack the tarball ...

uscan should then try, if this function exists, if not, simply download
the tarball/file specified by the pattern.

The function could simply contain a call like

/usr/bin/make debian/rules get-orig-source \
    VERSION=$uvers PACKAGE=$orig_tarball

or call the already written get-orig-source script with the appropriate


I'm pretty busy atm, but I would like to help fixing/improving uscan.

Regards, Daniel
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