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Re: Improvements to ʽdebian/watchʼ for fetching from VCS (was: This topic died off; any resolution?)

On Fri, 3 Apr 2009, Daniel Leidert wrote:

I would like to propose a complete rethinking of the watch files.
We have several packages, which must be prepared from a VCS or
must be repckaged. ATM several people changed to use something like

$url $pattern debian /bin/sh get-orig-source-script

One can't use

$url $pattern debian /usr/bin/make debian/rules get-orig-source

because make will error out because of the unknown switch

I used to work around this in my packages by providing a


script which is just called in the get-orig-source target of
debian/rules.  This might be a way to circumvent this specific
problem (nothing against rethinking in general for sure).

The next propblem is, that such a script doesn't have the same purpose
as uupdate has, as the first is used to create a new tarball and the
second to apply an existing diff to the new tarball.

Exactly - so my suggested workaround just solves the problem of
the "old way of thinking".



One additional thought: We store packaging Vcs and upstream homepage
in debian/control.  What about storing upstream Vcs there as well and
teach uscan to look there as well.  Just a rough thought.

Kind regards



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