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Re: why is Ardour pretty outdated in stable and not in testing?

Grammostola Rosea wrote:
> Also maybe Debian can be a bit less conservative when such a core app is
> not in stable and stable releases go out the door after years! I guess
> some packages are added in Etch after a while.

  No (no new package, even no new version, only important (or more) bug fixes)

> But main point is, that Ardour should hit testing after a while.

  Yes, because this is the condition (required and sufficient) to allow
Ardour to be shipped in the next stable release of Debian (squeeze).

  About the current stable (lenny), all you can do is:

* provide an external repo with packages build for lenny
  => you have to compile yourself the appli for the archs you want to support
  => some users does not like to use external repo
  => there is no integration with the Debian infrastructure (PTS, BTS, ...)

* introduce a backport for lenny in the semi-official backport.org site
  => Ardour needs to be in testing to be allowed to be added here
  => some users like backport because it is nearly the same packages as
     in testing (ie official packages with, we can hope, a good quality)
  => autobuilders take care of compiling the package for other architectures
  => the BTS, PTS, qa website, ... "know" (at least a minimum) the backports
     of the packages


> Kind regards,
> \r

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