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Re: Please Improve Debian for Multimedia Production

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009, Grammostola Rosea wrote:

Nothing against this but I used the term menu in a different than this
technical meaning.  I hope this became clear in my mail.
That was clear, but it bumped up a old idea I had in my head ;)
Please take that idea serious...

To whom do you targeting this request?  To me? - Probably not,
because I will not fiddle around with those menus.  The best idea would
be if *you* take your suggestion serious and file bug report against
menu (including patch) or if you fix the *.desktop files of relevant
applications.  But if I'm not missleaded you have to foreward this
proposal to freedesktop.org where the menu standard is defined.
This is probably a lot of work - and proves you are taking the request

Now you misunderstood what I said ;)
Maybe I was not clear, but the discussion was about which apps you should choose for such a metapackage, and I said, just pick some common used apps, to give an idea what is possible.

Ah OK.  But hey, my problem is that I do not know "commonly used"
multimedia apps.  So why not starting with my suggestion to do some
brainstorming in the Wiki?  Just find some categories and packages
that fit into.

[bit offtopic, there is another thread about this] I really like the openness for an RT kernel in Debian. I didn't expect it, so I'm really happy with.

Well, finally it is Free Software (if not it would not be included), right.

I hope some guys will jump in !

I learned that this strategy will not work.  Pointing your finger on an
open problem and then just wait if somebody else will solve it just will
not work.  Try to start solving the problem yourself - we will help you
in case of trouble.

Kind regards



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