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Re: Please Improve Debian for Multimedia Production

taste they need to be informed what to choose from. It's like a restaurant where you choose from a menu. Currently we are lacking a complete multimedia "menu" in Debian.
An menu entry for multimedia sounds good to me
(Ubuntu has an menu entry for 'multimedia production:
- music production - video production

(or something close to that).
This is good imo because audio apps are a lot small apps which clutter up in the menu now.

Well, sure the applications will be installed in the menu
of your desktop if you if you installed the according package - but there is no central place to pick the packages which might be interesting. Just take me as a more or less multimedia ignorant person I would have a hard time to find out all the relevant packages for graphical sequencing so I'd be really glad if there would be a tasks page which assembles the short descriptions
and links to the homepage of the projects to enable a quick overview.

In how far it is different for instance to Debian Junior's puzzles page.
There are a lot of nice puzzles in Debian and you will finally pick some
favourites of them.  So why not presenting a reasonable overview about
what is there?

    note-editors  (for noteedit - no idea whether this is a reasonable
    category name) ...

Although I wouldn't choose those tasks[1],

Sure - I told you I'm uneducated about your work - one reason more for
you to make the tasks better, right?
I think this should be possible: you just pick a few, frequently used apps (when you build an distro you also have to choose some). Just to gave an idea.

The problem is an realtime kernel and a proper configuration for music production. Without that, you better stay away from music production imo. Ubuntu Studio has also some metapackages for video, music and artwork, but they also have an realtime kernel and a tool to handle the configuration.


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