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Re: Re: realtime kernel for Debian

> I think 95% of the users of the linuxaudio.org community (LAU mailinglist)
> uses a realtime kernel (CONFIG_HZ_1000 + Mingo patch (!?)). Discussion if
> it is still needed bumps up there once in a while, for example:
> http://linuxaudio.org/mailarchive/lau/2009/3/10/153190
> But till now people reports better results (mostly in terms of latency and
> xruns for jackd) with a patched kernel.

I for one would be very interested in an uptodate realtime kernel in Debian. 
And I'm definately not alone in that wish.

Given that there are several audio oriented distributions based on Debian 
(e.g. 64studio and pure:dyne) that would benefit from this, and I am sure 
their teams may be interested in helping to support it too.
Also any users who started out with 64studio and want to upgrade to a more 
uptodate system, would be interested in a rt-kernel.

>From my personal experience the debian kernel 2.6.24 was a bit better for 
audio stuff, but had a problem with the FTDI serial driver, so I had to go up 
to the 2.6.26 kernel, which gave me some xruns in jackd unfortunately.

A lot of linux audio users build their own patched kernels, because they can't 
get it from the distribution; and not all of them enjoy doing it. (I've kept 
postponing it, but if I don't find one in a distro soon, I'll probably have 
to... the current Ubuntu rt kernel seems to have some other issues I 
believe... at least on 64bit...)


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