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Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions

On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:

What's the rationale?  So far, I was under the impression that "  * "

A not very strong one, I'm afraid..:-)

IIRC, we once found some reference indicating a tendency for dashed
enumerations to be an accepted "standard" but I can't quote this.

Could you please clarify whether you mean *enumeration* (in the sense
of LaTeXs enumeration environment or HTMLs <ol>) or would you rather
mean *itemize* (in the sense of LaTeXs itemize environment or HTMLs
<ul>)?  IMHO this are things which should be handled differently.
I don't care whether a '  *' or a '  -' is finally used - it just
should be used in the same way for all descriptions.

- they're often too long (enumerating each and every feature of the
- they have formatting issues (punctuation, often)
- they have consistency issues (mixing verb sentences and noun
 sentences for instance)

I completely agree that this should be fixed as well - but it is hard
to code such tests in a lintian check or something like this.

Kind regards



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