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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

On Sun, 22 Mar 2009, Noah Slater wrote:

> > I'm not quite clear as to why this is an advantage yet Currently, this
> > seems to have been designed to provide interfaces for future tools to
> > use, while not regarding whether or not people want those tools.
> >
> > Could you provide a use case or two to help clarify things? The main
> > one I see is for an end user to look at a packages copyright file and
> > say 'yes, I can use it for $foo', which is a case that's detracted from
> > in the proposal.
> Listing the licences (not necessarily copyright holders) in a machine readable
> format would allow lintian checks to be developed, and maybe even automatic
> license compatibility checks to be performed.

The way this process should work is that you (or somebody) writes those

Then, if DDs see that those tools are useful they will convert their
debian/copyright files to take advantage of those tools all by
themselves.  No one will have to force them.

If people don't consider those new tools useful enough to invest the
work into converting then this means that those tools probably are not
of sufficient help and no amount of proof by authority or handwaving
will change this.
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