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Re: A hack to alleviate transitions in Britney; now what?

* Raphael Geissert [Mon, 16 Mar 2009 18:32:51 -0600]:

> > Removing GNOME from testing because something depends on libfrufru1 isn't
> > a win for testing's usability.

> It would only last until it is able to migrate without breaking anything. I
> think this is just a matter of deciding which way is "less broken", i.e.
> broken because some packages are removed, or broken because you have
> multiple versions of the same libraries. IMHO the latter approach breaks
> testing more than the former, because it is a matter of availability vs
> duplicates (and if something goes wrong: installability).

If you can’t see how keeping another library around is more useful for
user than breaking half of their systems, I’d appreciate if you could
think if over again.


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