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Re: best practice for updating inetd.conf with a user-chosen port?

On Mar 12 2009, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Yeah, I disagree with the idea that inetd is a bad choice for new
> programs.

In the particular case of approx (which I have installed, thanks to some
comments on the -mentors list), I run it from a private package of
ucscpi-tcp: in particular, tcpserver.

I'm using xinetd for all my purposes and I have enabled the inetd
compatibility mode for it, but it seems that approx has some problems
with it. I still have to pinpoint what the cause was, but I needed to
get a package cache working fast for some huge recompilations.

Since the line that approx added to inetd.conf had a port number and not
a service name, xinetd didn't like it and refused to serve this
particular service. I used tcpserver and everything is fine.

Then, after that, I included an entry in /etc/services and things seem
to have been fixed with xinetd, but, as I said, everything needs further

> Writing a standalone daemon requires a fair bit of networking
> knowledge and work, particularly if you also want to support IPv6, and
> inetd can already do all that for you.

Indeed. DJB's tcpserver doesn't support ipv6, AFAICR.


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