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Re: About the current state of the Yum package in Lenny


I'm sorry that it took us so much time to make a working yum package,
but we were quite overloaded with our work, taking over all the
customers of another web hosting company (taking all our time doing
support). Anyway, I could today take the time to upload a working
version of yum. Here it is:


I guess you could notice that this is a newer upstream version. Please
let me know if you think this would be an acceptable replacement to be
sent in lenny proposed updates. At least, I'd be happy if somebody could
NMU it to SID or experimental, so there's at least something working
available in the archive.

Also, I would be very happy if some other people could TEST this version
and confirm that it's now working. According to us, and our needs
(bootstrap a CentOS from network), it is, but we didn't run extended

Thomas Goirand

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