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Re: best practice for updating inetd.conf with a user-chosen port?

Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> writes:

What is the best way to register a daemon under inetd with a
user-chosen port?  (I am packaging a daemon that is run by inetd, but
does not have a standard port number.)

Currently I am prompting the user for the port via debconf, grepping
/etc/inetd.conf to make sure it's not already there, and then calling
update-inetd.  Is there a better way, or an existing package that
does something similar?

grepping is not enough. There are also full deamons.

BTW I don't like the idea of "user chosen port", and I would really
like that every used port is also listed in /etc/services.

BTW it should be the contrary: the user choose a port in /etc/services,
and the program look in services to find the port number (by calling
getservbyname(3)). inetd use /etc/services, so new question:
how to had new services in /etc/services database?


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