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Re: Change user used by package

On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 09:49:17PM +0100, Harald Braumann wrote:
> > Well, yes, but I don't see why you'd need a globally allocated user.
> > Why don't you just use the same username as the other package?  I
> > don't see why that wouldn't work, and I don't see anything in Policy
> > 9.2 that says you shouldn't do that.

> But it's not nice to let stuff lying around after a purge.

You should never remove users and groups on purge.

> That's the problem. All the other package, that use the jabber user
> would have to be changed too, so as not to remove the user on purge.

If they remove the user on purge, that should be changed anyway.

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