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Change user used by package


I'd like to package mu-conference 0.7 (multi-user chat component for
jabber). The version currently in Debian (jabber-muc 0.6.0) uses the
user ``jabber'', which is created by jabber-common, on which
jabber-muc depends.

The new version can be installed stand-alone, and thus there won't be
any dependence on jabber anymore, or jabberd2, for that matter. 

AFAIK, there's no way for multiple independent packages for using the
same user. So jabber-muc needs to create its own user. On update,
that's no problem. The post-install script can chown the
package's directories for the new user. But a downgrade would then not
be possible. The old version couldn't access the directories.

Is there precedence for such a situation? How can it be resolved?


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