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Bug#510476: ITP: LinuxCallRouter - an ISDN based PBX for Linux

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

Package: lcr LinuxCallRouter - an ISDN based PBX for Linux
Version: 1.3 (20081124)
Upstream Author: Andreas Eversberg <jolly@eversberg.eu>
URL: http://isdn.eversberg.eu/download/lcr-1.3/
Licence: GPL
  Formerly known as "PBX4Linux", Linux-Call-Router is not only a router,
  it is a real ISDN PBX which interconnects ISDN telephones and ISDN lines.
  It is possible to connect telephones to a Linux box. It is a pure software
  solution except for the ISDN cards and telephones. The great benefit is
  the NT-mode that allows to connect telephones to an ISDN card.  Special
  cards are needed and a little bit of different cabeling. It supports lots
  of features, that only expensive PBXs have. It include a channel driver
  that can link LCR to Asterisk PBX.

Now that the underlying misdn driver has made it into the mainstream
kernel and asterisk has a debian package for some time, this
package fills the gap of combining both into a very scalable PBX.

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