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Re: Override changes standard -> optional

[Steve Langasek]
> Hmm, come to think of it, we ought to replace the 'ftp' package in
> standard with something more usable, such as lftp or ncftp...

In Debian Edu, we concluded that more packages than the Debian
Standard packages are needed in all installations, and install these
packages by default for any profile:

  apt-listchanges, bc, bind9-host, cfengine2, consolekit,
  cpufrequtils, dash, debconf-utils, debian-archive-keyring,
  debian-edu-archive-keyring, debian-edu-artwork-usplash,
  debian-edu-config, debian-edu-doc, debian-edu-install, debsecan,
  dmidecode, eject, etherwake, ethtool, finger, fping, gdebi, hdparm,
  hwinfo, iftop, insserv, iotop, iproute, iputils-arping | arping,
  less, libpam-ck-connector, libpam-foreground, libpam-ssh,
  libwww-perl, localization-config, lsscsi, lvm2, man-db, manpages,
  mdetect, memtest86, mii-diag, mlocate, mtools, mtr-tiny | mtr,
  ncftp, nictools-pci, nmap, nscd, nullidentd, openssh-client,
  pciutils, popularity-contest, procinfo, procmail, psmisc, read-edid,
  readahead, reportbug, resolvconf, rsync, rsyslog, scsiadd, strace,
  sudo, sysfsutils, tcpdump, tcptraceroute, traceroute, udev, usplash,

Some of these will be removed when we drop some leftovers from Etch
(like libpam-foreground replaced by consolekid).  Others are installed
by default on some archs or hardware types automatically by
debian-installer already.

Of these, I would strongly recommend consolekit, dmidecode, ethtool,
finger, fping, gdebi, hdparm, iftop, iotop, less, libpam-ck-connector,
lsscsi, memtest86, mtr-tiny, ncftp, nmap, nullidentd (replacing
pidentd), pciutils, procinfo, psmisc, strace, tcpdump, tcptraceroute,
traceroute and wget to be part of the normal Debian installation, and
suggest making most of them priority Standard.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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