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Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome


I have been wondering over the last months about Section: kde.
What is the correct usage of this section?

Is it for packages that is related to the desktop itself or is it for
packages that links against kdelibs ?

Should a game using kdelibs go to section:games or section:kde?
should a web browser using kdelibs go to section:web or section:kde?

If section:kde is for anything linking against kdelibs, I think the
seperation is wrong.
If section:kde is for the kde desktop itself, I_think it is useless as a
section, as it is gonig to be mostly empty.

Currently, packages seems to be more or less randomly placed either in
section:kde or in some section for the application type.

I would personally like to move almost all packages out of section:kde.

I wonder if gnome people have it the same way.


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