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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

> What is the correct usage of this section?
> Is it for packages that is related to the desktop itself or is it for
> packages that links against kdelibs ?

> Should a game using kdelibs go to section:games or section:kde?


> should a web browser using kdelibs go to section:web or section:kde?

Is it usable without large parts of KDE installed? web. Does it need
lots of KDE? kde. (Where lots is debatable, but kdelibs, kicker, and
some of the central parts of it would probably be a good guess)

> I would personally like to move almost all packages out of section:kde.
> I wonder if gnome people have it the same way.

For "right after lenny" we plan to add more sections to the archive. Feel
free to look at ftp.debian.org bugs and propose more, in case the one
you would want isn't there - or if you want to have one removed.

bye, Joerg
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  -- Andrew Pollock

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