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Re: Sections - especially section:kde and section:gnome

OK, establishing that we are not going to get rid of the sections in the
near future, what are people's thoughts on enhancing the definition of
them slightly?

At present, the archive maintainers are responsible for defining them
and the list is kept in the policy document (2.4). Note that this list
is only their names.

<http://packages.debian.org/unstable/> includes english text
descriptions of the sections.

 * would it make sense for the english language description to be
   included in policy too? They can help to clarify exactly what the
   section is for.

 * Could an archive maintainer please clarify for me please the purpose
   of the 'games' category. Specifically, is it appropriate to include
   packages which are not themselves games, but are very closely
   related or  used near-exclusively for game playing?  I'm thinking of
   thing like game editors (deutex, glbsp, yadex before it disappeared,
   level editors in general), game-data-packager, and emulators for
   games hardware (zsnes, snes9x, etc.)

   If not, where should the emulators in particular go? (Note that I
   draw a distinction between an emulator for games hardware like snes9x
   where 99.9% of its use will be for game playing, and a general
   purpose emulator such as qemu)

Jon Dowland

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