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Re: Results for General Resolution: Lenny and resolving DFSG violations

On Sun, Dec 28, 2008 at 09:08:04PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Further discussion came sixth, beaten by between 95 votes (option 2),
> and 11 votes (option 6), with Reaffirm the social contract last, defeated
> by further discussion by 109 votes.

Oh, a further thought came to mind. One way to simplify the vote is to
look at who ranked option 1 (reaffirm the SC/delay lenny) first. 

There were a few "interesting" votes, that didn't rank any option first,

    V: 6353227                etobi Tobias Grimm
    V: -77---7              msameer Mohammed Sameer
    V: 2------                 pape Gerrit Pape

(There's nothing special about those votes from a constitutional POV, but
they're an interesting way of communicating "none of these options are my
first choice", imho)

Aside from those, everyone indicated some choice as #1. Five people ranked
Option 1 as #1 _in addition to_ some other option, namely:

    V: 11----1                amaya Amaya Rodrigo Sastre
    V: 1----12                bartm Bart Martens
    V: 1---1-2                 guus Guus Sliepen
    V: 1231---                  reg Gregory Colpart
    V: 1132457                 tale Tapio Lehtonen

Additionally, 27 voters ranked option #1 above all other options (not
counting pape@d.o, listed above):

    V: 145-2-3              adejong Arthur de Jong
    V: 1-----2               bahner Lars Bahner
    V: 1356472             ballombe Bill Allombert
    V: 1333332                  bas Bas Zoetekouw
    V: 1-----2                bayle Christian Bayle
    V: 1546372               brlink Bernhard Link
    V: 1465732                  cmb Chris Boyle
    V: 1667273               daniel Daniel Baumann
    V: 1---3-2                  dmn Damyan Ivanov
    V: 1267225             edelhard Edelhard Becker
    V: 1-----2              godisch Martin Godisch
    V: 1456273              guillem Guillem Jover
    V: 1345362                igloo Ian Lynagh
    V: 1237465               jaqque John Robinson
    V: 1546372                   js Jonas Smedegaard
    V: 1------              lbrenta Ludovic Brenta
    V: 1345672             mmagallo Marcelo Magallon
    V: 1346562                 pabs Paul Wise
    V: 1------            paulwaite Paul Waite
    V: 1346275               peters Peter Samuelson
    V: 1236254                  rmh Robert Millan
    V: 1777777               roktas Recai Oktas
    V: 1256473               schizo Clint Adams
    V: 1564372                 stew Mike O'Connor
    V: 1456273                   tb Thomas Bushnell
    V: 1--22--                 timo Timo Jyrinki
    V: 1345672                  vlm Vince Mulhollon

Additionally, of the voters who ranked FD first, there was only one
voter who then ranked option #1 above all the other options:

    V: 23----1                 toni Toni Mueller

By my count, that's a total of 29 developers in favour of a fairly strict
interpretation of the social contract compared to the other options
available, along with another 5 who consider that equally with some
(but not all) of the other options, out of the 367 developers counted
in the tally.

That compares (somewhat loosely) with 42 developers (out of 323) voting FD
above "Release etch even with kernel firmware issues" in the 2006 vote [0],
or the 38 developers (out of 396) who voted for the "Reaffirm changes" option
in the 2004 vote [1].

  [0] http://www.debian.org/vote/2006/vote_007
  [1] http://www.debian.org/vote/2004/vote_004

As percentages, that's 9.6% in 2004, 13% in 2006, and 9.3% in 2008 --
though the comparison is particularly weak since unlike the 2004 and 2008
ballots, the 2006 ballot doesn't distinguish between voters trying to say
"I don't want to vote on this" and "I don't want to see etch release with
non-DFSG-free firmware". Those seem like lower numbers than I might have
expected. YMMV.

Also somewhat interesting: there were 17 developers who didn't express
any preference amongst the options on offer (all simply voted in favour
of further discussion):

    V: 2222221                  ana Ana Beatriz Guerrero L??pez
    V: 2222221               anibal Anibal Monsalve Salazar
    V: ------1                arjan Arjan Oosting
    V: 2222221              bureado Jose Parrella
    V: 7777771              costela Leo Costela
    V: ------1               dajobe Dave Beckett
    V: 2222221              filippo Filippo Giunchedi
    V: ------1              florian Florian Ernst
    V: 2222221             francois Francois Marier
    V: ------1                helen Helen Faulkner
    V: ------1              jluebbe Jan L??bbe
    V: ------1                jordi Jordi Mallach
    V: ------1                lange Thomas Lange
    V: 7777771                 mace Miah Gregory
    V: ------1                  mhy Mark Hymers
    V: ------1                  sto Sergio Talens-Oliag
    V: 2222221                vince Vincent Sanders

And there were an additional 22 voters who just didn't distinguish between
the various "let lenny release" options (8 in the "Reaffirm SC camp,
14 in the "release lenny as is" camp):

    V: 1-----2               bahner Lars Bahner
    V: 1333332                  bas Bas Zoetekouw
    V: 1-----2                bayle Christian Bayle
    V: 1-----2              godisch Martin Godisch
    V: 1------              lbrenta Ludovic Brenta
    V: 2------                 pape Gerrit Pape
    V: 1------            paulwaite Paul Waite
    V: 1777777               roktas Recai Oktas

    V: 3222221             adeodato Adeodato Sim??
    V: 7222221                  des Dami??n Viano
    V: 3111112                  edd Dirk Eddelbuettel
    V: 7111116                  jak Julian Klode
    V: -222221             jcristau Julien Cristau
    V: 3222221                 joss Josselin Mouette
    V: 3222221                 kibi Cyril Brulebois
    V: 3111112             kmccarty Kevin McCarty
    V: -222221             madcoder Pierre Habouzit
    V: 3111112                 maks Maximilian Attems
    V: 3222221                marga Margarita Manterola
    V: 3111112               nduboc Nicolas Duboc
    V: 3111111                  sdt Stuart Teasdale
    V: 3222221                 vela Matej Vela

Anyway, despite something kinda close to advocacy for the FD option in
the second call for votes on d-d-a, FD lost convincingly to most of the
options on offer. So of any conclusions you might draw, the simplest,
safest and most easily justified seems to be "stop discussing this and
release lenny"...


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