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Re: Josselin Mouette and Planet Debian

Hi, people. I'm not a DD here, so let that colour your opinions of
what I will say however it will.

I am, however, deeply interested in Debian and have done wee bits of
coding for it in the past, and keep meaning to do so more for it.

It is an unfortunate situation that often people when they're told,
"hey, would you please be polite?" they respond with "NO, BECAUSE THAT

Of course I'm caricaturising the response, but I believe that as far
as caricatures go, it's relatively accurate. I also don't think it's
necessary to elaborate on why the caricaturised response is

Some people just don't get what "politeness" means. I would define it
as behaviour that is acceptable in front of your grandma, but I
suppose not even that is clear.

I vote in favour of a code of conduct in order to codify for those who
don't get it what "politeness" means. Copying Ubuntu's code of conduct
would be most beneficial.

The threat of losing DDs, especially members that supposedly we've
worked hard to make feel welcome (hello, d-women!) would be most
unfortunate. In order to rectify the damage that has been done by some
members of our community, a code of conduct would prove the commitment
that Debian has to fostering a good environment of collaboration and

Should anyone feel oppressed by a code of conduct and their "freedom"
to be an asshole be impinged, I remind that person that anti-asshole
laws are in place to protect the freedom of *others*, not just your

C'mon, people. Let's all get along here. And be excellent to each other.

- Jordi G. H.

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