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Re: Gtk1.2/Imlib/gnome-lib packages (Long)

Daniel Leidert <daniel.leidert.spam@gmx.net> (19/12/2008):
> >   bluefish
> >     Actually built with gtk2 but still build-deps on gnome-bin?? (pinged 
> > maintainer). Just a suggests, can probably be removed.
> It does *not* build-depend on gnome-bin and I already told you this
> (you simply did not answer). Where do you see this build-dependency?

He probably meant “depends”. Which would be consistent with the “just a
suggests:” bits. And for those following at home:
| cyril@talisker:~$ apt-cache show bluefish|grep bin
| Suggests: galeon | iceape | iceweasel | www-browser, gnome-bin, weblint-perl | weblint, libxml2-utils, php5-cli, tidy


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