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Re: Gtk1.2/Imlib/gnome-lib packages (Long)

Am Mittwoch, den 17.12.2008, 12:03 -0500 schrieb Barry deFreese:
> Hi folks,
> Just in case anyone cares/is interested, here is some work I have been 
> doing on packages using Gtk1.2, Imlib, gnome-libs, or any combination 
> thereof.
> Obviously some packages fall within more than one rdepend/rbdepend.
> gnome-libs:
>   bluefish
>     Actually built with gtk2 but still build-deps on gnome-bin?? (pinged 
> maintainer). Just a suggests, can probably be removed.

It does *not* build-depend on gnome-bin and I already told you this (you
simply did not answer). Where do you see this build-dependency?

Regards, Daniel

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