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Re: Josselin Mouette and Planet Debian

Le Thursday 18 December 2008 18:21:48 Holger Levsen, vous avez écrit :
> To those thinking about expelling Joss, I'm in favor of this now. Trolling
> on purpose (repeatetly) for the sake of it is nothing I want to see in
> Debian nor do I want to see it as accepted behaviour.

You can't be serious.

Josseling is *not* trolling for nothing. Most of the people, exactly like the 
censors in real life never really question the reasons why they get shocked.

When Josselin is, as you said, trolling, it mostly consists in a humoristic 
way of having people think about something. And, yes, humour *is* 

It is interesting to see how we all agree on "having fun in debian", but never 
actually laught. Send a picture of two grils kissing and people complain, 
send a pastiche (to the wrong destination probably), and people complain for 
it being sexism.

Then, what is fun to you ? And, moreover, how do you qualify the level of 
tolerance to other ideas *and* expressions ?

Now, because I like when there a bit of irony (which qualifies as humour), let 
me propose you the following logical paradox:

"I hereby ask for my own removal on the ground of me trolling on purpose with 
this sentence."



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