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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

Romain Beauxis <toots@rastageeks.org> (16/12/2008):
> I think you completely forgot about the fact that this project is run
> by people who aren't payed for that.

They aren't paid for repeatedly ranting about the fact we have not
released yet, either. Which is something Bastian does, and which is what
was answered to.

(And yes, I've been busy ranting lately, too, but I guess it's a bit of
a different story.)

> And, yes I didn't fix any RC bug today, nor yesterday. I even have now
> 3 on mediawiki for which I won't be able to take much time.

Why not documenting that in those bugreports so that people looking at
them can see that (without having to notice it through the quotes by
Raphael)? In addition to a quick mail to the bugs, you could tag them
help, too.

> And I won't explain my reasons, it is private for me.


> However the packages are open for any contribution. Maybe yours ?

but please communicate on their being open for contribution, especially
because you won't be able to deal with them. Particularly helps
debian-bugs-rc@ readers.


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