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Re: problems with the concept of unstable -> testing

Le Tuesday 16 December 2008 20:30:22 Thomas Viehmann, vous avez écrit :
> But while you bring it up: I want a Debian where every Developer can
> cough up a minimal commitment to help with releasing. That is what "Have
> you fixed an RC bug today is about?". If all developers had fixed one RC
> bug in the months that we have been frozen, we would have run out.
> The other way round works, too: Removing people who don't have that
> minimal commitment from the project and their packages from the archive
> would also allow us to release (a lot less) in a timely fashion.

I think you completely forgot about the fact that this project is run by 
people who aren't payed for that.

And, yes I didn't fix any RC bug today, nor yesterday. I even have now 3 on 
mediawiki for which I won't be able to take much time. 

And I won't explain my reasons, it is private for me. However the packages are 
open for any contribution. Maybe yours ?

> Bastian's contributions have a theme of telling other people how to do
> work that he does not want to do: What information they should want in
> their bug reports, how to release, how negligent the assistant secretary
> is and why he is even doing the secretary's, and now what to do with
> unstable in the meantime (as other's have pointed out, not a new idea,
> so the contribution is rehasing of the idea). To be honest, I'd prefer
> if Bastian applied his skills to helping a project I'm not a member of.

I don't agree with Bastian on his proposal but I would never express myself in 
that way.

I won't fall into the easy agressive answer, but your attitude is clearly 


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